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Avanafil 100 mg can be used to address male sexual function issues (impotence or erectile dysfunction-ED). Together with stimulation for sexual pleasure, avanafil increases the flow of blood to the penis to aid in helping a man maintain and get an intimate erection.

Avanafil 100 mg is the latest variation of Viagra.

Avanafil belongs to the phosphodiesterase inhibitors-5 category. The main benefit is that the effect is swift (less than 15 mins) and it has no negative side effects.

The active ingredient found in Avanafil pills is a medication used to treat erectile dysfunction (impotence).

Avanafil is a type 5 inhibitor, meaning it blocks a molecule within the body referred to as phosphodiesterase type 5, from carrying out its job.

Since Avanafil enhances the action of the chemical messengers which produce erections, it is only effective when the agents are in place.

It requires sexual stimulation to produce and sustain a sexual erection.

It is recommended to start taking the dosage around 30 minutes before when you are planning to consume food.

The exporting and distribution of Avanafil 100 mg is handled by RSM Enterprises.

The phosphodiesterase inhibitor component found in the Avanafil 100mg Tablet revives blood flow within men’s reproductive systems, thereby preventing the problem of impotence or erectile dysfunction in males.

It helps by assisting in the growth of blood flow to the penis as sexual attraction occurs. This helps in obtaining and maintaining a sexual erection. Many men can get an erection with Avanafil 100 mg. These are firmer and last longer.

What exactly is Avanafil 100mg (Avandra 100 mg)?

Avanafil 100 mg (Avana 100mg) is a medication used to treat erectile dysfunction.

By blocking a specific enzyme (phosphodiesterase-PDES) in the body, Avanafil 100 mg is used to treat male sexual function disorders (impotence or erectile dysfunction).

Avana 100 mg aids in the flow of blood into the penis to produce and sustain an erection combined and sexual stimulation.

Which is the most effective method of taking this medication?

Avanafil is available in the form of a pill that has to be taken by mouth. Avanafil is typically consumed with or without food when males are taking 100-mg or 200-mg doses. The dosage is usually taken 15 minutes before sexual activity.

Avanafil 100 mg is typically consumed with or without food in the case of males who are who take the 50 mg dose approximately 30 minutes before sexual activity.

Avanafil is not to be taken more than one time every 24 hours.

Follow the directions on your medication label with care, and if you find something you aren’t understanding consult your physician or pharmacist for clarification. Avanafil is to take exactly according to the directions directed.

Don’t take any more or less, or take it more frequently than the prescription your doctor gives you.

The Side Effects

      • An erection that lasts longer than 4 hours
      • Vision loss in both eyes or one occurs suddenly (see here for additional details)
      • A sudden change in hearing (see below for more details)
      • An ear-ringing sensation that can be felt in the ear
      • Dizziness
      • Heart attack
      • Rash
      • Itching
      • Eyelids swelling

Other negative effects from the drug are also possible. If you experience any unusual issues while taking this medication consult your physician.

Following the use of drugs similar to avanafil, a few patients experienced a rapid loss of all or all their vision.

In some instances, the loss of eyesight was permanent. It’s unclear if the medication caused vision loss.

If you lose vision after taking avanafil consult your physician immediately.

Before you consult your doctor, don’t use any further avanafil or similar medicines such as sildenafil (Relation, Viagra), Tadalafil (Cialis), or Vardenafil (Levitra).

In the event of taking other drugs similar to avanafil, a few patients experienced a rapid decrease or loss of hearing.

After the medication was stopped and hearing loss was experienced, it usually only affected one ear and didn’t always improve.


Even if you’re following medical instructions for your medication, consult a doctor before taking the tablet.

The tablet comes in 100 mg which should be taken each day for 24 hours.

Other Dosage

Avanafil 50 mg | Avanafil 100mg | Avanafil 200mg


  • Storage is protected from the sun and humidity when the temperature is at room temperature. Be sure to keep it out of the bathroom.
  • All medication must be kept away from the reach of pets and children.
  • Unless directed otherwise Do not flush or pour any drugs into the toilet or the drain.
  • When the drug has run its expiration date or is no longer required be sure to dispose of it properly.
  • Ask your pharmacist for advice or a company for garbage removal in your local area.

What is the best way to consume Avanafil 100 mg?

Use 100 milligrams of  Avanafil 100 mg at minimum of 30 minutes before any sexual activities, however not longer than 4 hours in advance. 

Avoid high-fat meals when you are taking Avandra (Avanafil).

Avanafil tablets 100 mg effectiveness can be hindered by foods with high-fat content.

Avanafil 100 mg (Avana100mg) does not suggest for the following persons

If you’re allergic to and are using any kind of nitroglycerine or you’ve had a stroke or risky low or high blood pressure, or life-threatening heart problems, do not use Avanafil 100 mg.

This medication will not protect you from infections transmitted through sexual contact (such as HIV Hepatitis B or syphilis, gonorrhea, and HIV).

It’s important to remember that this medicine is not suitable for those who suffer from reaping hook cell anemia, multiple myeloma, or leukemia.

If you are suffering from venereal malformations like Peyronie’s disease or an issue with bleeding such as digestive ulcers, or retinitis pigmentosa. Seek medical guidance.

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