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One of the most well-known sildenafil generics on the market, Cobra 120, is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. The most prevalent sex issue that men report to their doctor is erectile dysfunction, or ED. Men who are unable to achieve or maintain a solid erection during sexual activity have a sexual dysfunction. PDE5 enzymes, which are responsible for the penis's erection, are found in the penis. Any stage of the erection process can experience issues that result in ED. The drug can be used to treat impotence's initial symptoms. 120 mg of sildenafil citrate is present in COBRA 120mg as the active component. It is a member of the group of drugs known as PDE-5 inhibitors.


HOW COBRA 120 (Sildenafil Citrate) WORKS?

Sildenafil Citrate blocks the action of an enzyme known as cGMP-specific phosphodiesterase type-5 (PDE-5). This enzyme breaks down cGMP, a substance that induces smooth muscles to relax. Blocking PDE-5 means increased levels of cGMP within the smooth muscles which promotes muscle relaxation and vasodilation (a widening of blood vessels). High levels of PDE-5 are found in the penis, lungs, and retina. PDE-5 is also found throughout the body within the smooth muscle cells of blood vessels and muscles. Sildenafil Citrate belongs to the class of medicines known as PDE-5 inhibitors. Sildenafil Citrate increases blood flow to the penis following sexual stimulation. It does this by blocking the enzyme responsible for the breakdown of cGMP. cGMP is a substance that relaxes and widens blood vessels and smooth muscle cells. This allows men to keep an erection hard enough for sex. Sildenafil Citrate only works following sexual stimulation. It works within 30 to 60 minutes, but it can be taken up to four hours before sexual activity.



One of the most well-liked sildenafil generics for treating erectile dysfunction is Cobra 120. The medication can treat prostatitis and prostate adenoma in addition to the early stages of impotence.

The advantages of Cobra Vega Extra include:

  • Greater concentration of the active component sildenafil for enhanced impact
  • Swift start to the action (30-60 minutes)
  • Lengthy duration of the sexual act
  • Without a prescription, you can buy more endurance and performance online.
  • Choose your preferred package and purchase cobra 120 sildenafil pills online for the lowest cost with a coupon and no prescription.



One pill per 24 hours is the recommended dose of Cobra 120 that is safe. Avoid taking too much. Take medication whole, without chewing, crushing, or breaking it, with a full glass of water. You can take a Cobra 120mg pill with or without food, but you should avoid eating a heavy, fatty meal right before taking the medication because it could reduce its effectiveness. Do not use Cobra 120 in conjunction with any other ED medication. The tablet won't operate on its own; it needs some sexual stimulation in order for the medication to start working. The medication's effects may persist for up to 5 or 6 hours. When taking the tablet, avoid consuming alcohol or anything with grapefruit. 



  • Headache
  • Flushing
  • Upset stomach
  • Abnormal vision
  • Changes in color vision (such as having a blue color tinge)
  • Blurred vision
  • Stuffy or runny nose
  • Back pain
  • Muscle pain
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness



Cobra 120 mg shouldn't be taken more than once every day. While using Cobra 120 mg, avoid consuming grapefruit or grapefruit-related items. Before taking any drug for erectile dysfunction, always consult your doctor. If you are already taking a nitrate medication for chest discomfort or heart issues, do not use Cobra 120 mg. Never take Cobra 120 mg along with any other drugs for erectile dysfunction. After taking 120 mg of Cobra, drinking alcohol may lower blood pressure and reduce sexual performance. Neither women nor males under the age of 18 are supposed to use this medication. Before using any medicine for erectile dysfunction, always consult your doctor. Men with specific medical issues should not take certain erectile dysfunction drugs; your doctor can suggest an alternative.



To find out if Cobra 120mg is safe to use, one must disclose full medical history, current medical conditions, and all drugs being taken to a healthcare provider prior to taking the medication. It might make some medical conditions worse, necessitating a dose change. For several medical conditions, this medication may not be safe to consume, making it contraindicated. If it interacts with other medications, it could potentially have a negative reaction. If you are sensitive to any Sildenafil Citrate element in Cobra 120mg, you should not use it. If you have a heart or blood vessel issue, this medication should be used cautiously. Limit your intake to once per day. Due to extreme hypotension, it is contraindicated to take Cobra120mg along with nitrate medicines. Alcohol consumption should be avoided when taking Cobra120mg because it may make the negative effects worse. When using this medication, avoid operating heavy machinery or driving. While using sildenafil citrate, you should avoid or restrict alcohol consumption, and you should take extra care when standing up from a sitting or lying posture. The dosage is determined by your medical history, treatment response, and any additional medications you may be taking. Inform your physician and pharmacist of all the products you consume (including prescription drugs, nonprescription drugs, and herbal products)

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